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Garlicky tomato soup

There are only 10 or so days left until the end of Ramazan (Ramadan), the holiest month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims forego food and water from sunrise until sunset. But it’s… Continue reading

Fried aubergines and tomatoes – şakşuka

Şakşuka has been on my list of dishes to try out in the kitchen for a long time. I’ve eaten it numerous times both in Istanbul and London, where it’s been served as a… Continue reading

Wild mac ‘n’ cheese

I made this tonight for Sophie and myself because we were both craving something warming and comforting. This is a twist on a childhood classic (tuna and pasta in cheese sauce) that my… Continue reading

Sticky runner beans

I usually make this to go with sticky salmon, and use the fish marinade to flavour and cook the beans. You can adapt this recipe to whatever vegetables you might have – from… Continue reading