Zekiye Hanim’s perfect Turkish rice

Turkish rice is heaven. Unlike rice as I knew it growing up – boiled and plain and often claggy – Turkish rice is fluffy and buttery and delicious. This is partly because the… Continue reading

Easy peach sorbet

It’s peach season in Turkey, and I am in heaven. During our road-trip down Turkey’s west coast, the roadsides were all but strewn with peaches just begging to be eaten. I was happy… Continue reading

A non-Muslim’s Ramadan diary

Eid Mubarak and Iyi Bayramlar! Ramadan is over for another year. Even though I wasn’t ever a real participant – I managed a meagre three days’ fasting this year – I’m still feeling… Continue reading

Ramadan: why the 5:2 diet is for wimps

Fasting has been getting a good press lately. The 5:2 diet (also known as Intermittent Fasting) – where you eat normally for 5 days a week, then eat just a quarter of your… Continue reading

Stuffed artichokes (Zeytinyağlı enginar)

I was propositioned yesterday at the market. A twinkly-eyed vendor talked me into buying artichoke hearts for the first time, under the pretext of ‘helping’ me to pick out the finest cucumbers (because… Continue reading

Fresh green beans (zeytinyağlı taze fasuliye)

Taze fasuliye (fresh green beans) is a Turkish home cooking staple, and a pleasant change from the meat, meat and more meat that often characterizes Turkish cuisine. It’s also an example of a… Continue reading

Honey and walnut no-bake granola

This recipe, combining delicious honey from M’s mother and gorgeous fresh Turkish walnuts, came about because, as much as I love Turkish breakfast, I’m still much more of a cereal girl in the… Continue reading

Cherry compote

The cherries are glorious at the moment, so much so that I can’t seem to stop eating them. Because M and I are both buying them whenever we see them, there’s sometimes a… Continue reading

Learning to stand still

Living between two cities that are more than 1,500 miles apart is not quite as glamorous and fun as I often try to make it seem to people who don’t know me very… Continue reading

One pot pasta ‘n’ sauce

I did something crazy the other night. I put spaghetti, vegetables, herbs and oil in a pan. I turned on the heat, and I cooked them up. All together. In one pan. As… Continue reading