Garlicky tomato soup

There are only 10 or so days left until the end of Ramazan (Ramadan), the holiest month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims forego food and water from sunrise until sunset. But it’s… Continue reading

A clafoutis of disappointment

I’m not sure I really get the point of clafoutis. An odd way to introduce a recipe, I know. But after discovering my love for cherries, I thought I’d love a classic cherry… Continue reading

Cherry season

Ah, it’s cherry season again in Istanbul. To think I once didn’t like cherries. Now, I can eat a whole kilo without batting an eyelid. I think a feel a clafoutis coming on…

The mother of all breakfasts

I’ve wanted to write about the magnificent glory of Turkish Breakfast ever since M made me my first full on breakfast in a little apartment in Hebden Bridge one rainy cold January, only… Continue reading

Turkish breakfast… coming soon

Again, I have completely failed to keep up with this blog. I intend to remedy this, pronto. But for now, a little taster of the good things to come…

American-style banana pancakes

Just a quick post today, as we’re going out to get really stressed about storage solutions in Ikea soon. This is a super simple recipe for American-style banana pancakes to brighten up your… Continue reading

Triple chocolate chocolate-chip cookies

Unfortunately, I come from a family of chocolate maniacs. I used to think I was better than them. When my Mum used to have to hide chocolate from my Dad because he simply… Continue reading

Turkish lentil soup

Building on the theme of my last post – how not to fry the sh*t out of everything – here I present to you one of the mainstays of Turkish cooking that does… Continue reading

How not to fry the sh*t out of everything

Turkish food has a reputation. Some of it is a good reputation (the glories of the Mediterranean diet, both super-healthy and super-delicious); some of it is bad (doner kebab, anyone?). The reality is… Continue reading

Guess who’s back

I know what you’re thinking. She’s been away for 6 months without a peep, and now she wants me to read her really annoying return to blogging post. Pur-lease! All I can say… Continue reading