Easy lemon cheesecake

So this is not exactly a low-dairy option (it’s obviously the total opposite) but my mum used to make this when we were kids so I’ve got a very emotional attachment to it.… Continue reading

Oatbran banana raisin muffins

My love of muffins comes from the fact that they’re easy to make, and you can pretty much chuck in whatever fruit or flavourings you like. Because this recipe is really straightforward and,… Continue reading

Lentil, spinach and sweet potato curry

In honour of National Curry Week, here’s one of my favourite veggie curry recipes. Super quick (I’m talking under half an hour here), cheap and delicious, it’s perfect for an easy week-night dinner. I… Continue reading

Frozen banana bites

I’m a massive fan of frozen bananas. No matter how weird it sounds, don’t judge before you try. Stick a banana in the freezer for a few hours, and it is transformed into… Continue reading

Banana Nutella Bread

These bananas have been staring at me accusingly all week. When doing the online shopping last week, I somehow over-ordered and we ended up with 16 bananas. Given that I’m the only one… Continue reading