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Craving Christmas

I have spent much of the last 28 years bemoaning the appearance of tinsel and mince pies in October. I simply can’t handle so much Christmas. This year, however, I’m craving Christmas something rotten.… Continue reading

Pumpkin spice soup

Love pumpkin? Hate pie? The logical conclusion is soup. For me, this is where pumpkin belongs. I have never been able to see the point of pumpkin pie, and while the pumpkin recipes… Continue reading

Off to the Dead Sea…

I’m heading to Jordan today for a training course, so things may be a little quiet around here for a while. But not to worry, I’ll be back with a full report next… Continue reading

Turkish breakfast… coming soon

Again, I have completely failed to keep up with this blog. I intend to remedy this, pronto. But for now, a little taster of the good things to come…

Ramadan: why the 5:2 diet is for wimps

Fasting has been getting a good press lately. The 5:2 diet (also known as Intermittent Fasting) – where you eat normally for 5 days a week, then eat just a quarter of your… Continue reading

Life intrudes

Life intrudes. That’s the only reason I can come up with as to why I haven’t posted anything here for two whole weeks. Life just gets in the way. I have been writing… Continue reading

Oat, hazelnut and chocolate chip cookies

I’m in Pembrokeshire at the moment on our annual Easter holiday. After a childhood spent on wet campsites around Europe and North America, this is one of my favourite family traditions. Every year,… Continue reading

Mangoes, pig’s face and BJs: chowing down on a slice of the Philippines

I meant to write a going away blog before I actually went away, but got struck down with a terrible cold two days before I left, so ‘blogging’ got shunted down the list… Continue reading


The day before I ran the Brighton Half Marathon, the carb-loading nearly pushed me over the edge. In order to avoid carb-induced meltdown, I whipped up a quick dish of peppers and eggs,… Continue reading

Beef dhansak

A few weeks ago, after an evening’s star gazing at Oxford University’s Physics Department (I know, I’m super cool), some friends and I went out for dinner. After much wandering the cold, rain-slick… Continue reading