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Turkish lentil soup

Building on the theme of my last post – how not to fry the sh*t out of everything – here I present to you one of the mainstays of Turkish cooking that does… Continue reading

Peanut butter and banana smoothie

A few weeks back, after some tricky times in my Oxford household, I went out for drinks with Laura, Sophie and some of other friends from work. Drinks led to dinner, and we… Continue reading

Lentil, sweet potato and carrot soup

Merçimek çorbası, or lentil soup, is a classic Turkish dish that’s usually eaten as a starter before a more substantial main course. I really want to learn how M’s sister-in-law makes her merçimek… Continue reading

Oat, hazelnut and chocolate chip cookies

I’m in Pembrokeshire at the moment on our annual Easter holiday. After a childhood spent on wet campsites around Europe and North America, this is one of my favourite family traditions. Every year,… Continue reading

Peanut butter chocolate brownies

Writing this is torture. I’ve given up chocolate for Lent, something I haven’t done in years. I’m sure it’s doing me lots of good, but it’s really bloody hard. So now I have… Continue reading

Aubergine satay

In my quest for vegetarian food I can get excited about, my sister Emily sent me the amazing Prashad cookbook for my birthday. Prashad is an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bradford, which won… Continue reading

Baked and bejewelled butternut squash, with halloumi

I feel I’ve been making a real effort with my eat less meat resolution so far. I know it’s only the 8th January, so this is hardly a triumph, but nevertheless I’m proud… Continue reading

Halloumi on toast: the perfect post-workout lunch

I’ve decided that one brilliant way to eat less meat is to eat more halloumi. I can’t quite believe that it was only a few years ago that I tried this incredible squeaky,… Continue reading

My favourite pea and ham soup

Pea and ham soup is probably my favourite soup in the whole wide world. I am a big soup fan in general, but none can rival pea and ham for its lightness, smoothness… Continue reading

Trying to make bread: Lisa’s milk bread recipe

When I was about 13, I went through a phase of making bread all the time. I loved the magic of putting dough into the airing cupboard, and taking it out, twice the… Continue reading