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One pot pasta ‘n’ sauce

I did something crazy the other night. I put spaghetti, vegetables, herbs and oil in a pan. I turned on the heat, and I cooked them up. All together. In one pan. As… Continue reading

Daddy Whits’ chicken rezala

My dad doesn’t really like recipes. Well, that’s probably unfair. He likes getting ideas from them, but he really hates following them. I walked into the kitchen this morning to find him peeling… Continue reading

Lamb stewed with plums

This was the other dish that I cooked as part of my Eastern Mediterranean feast on Saturday. Fruit and meat might seem like a weird combination on the face of it – I… Continue reading

Stuffed courgettes in yoghurt

This was the first part of my Eastern Mediterranean feast on Saturday. Inspired by an Ottolenghi recipe my mum saved me from Waitrose magazine, I adapted it to make this vegetarian dish. Rather… Continue reading

Butterbean stew

I feel a bit guilty about all the meaty recipes I’ve been posting of late, so here’s a bit of very tasty recompense: butterbean stew. It’s a bit like Turkish kuru fasulye or… Continue reading

Aubergine satay

In my quest for vegetarian food I can get excited about, my sister Emily sent me the amazing Prashad cookbook for my birthday. Prashad is an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bradford, which won… Continue reading

Baked and bejewelled butternut squash, with halloumi

I feel I’ve been making a real effort with my eat less meat resolution so far. I know it’s only the 8th January, so this is hardly a triumph, but nevertheless I’m proud… Continue reading

Festive Food: Boxing Day butter chicken

There were lots of things I wanted to write about over Christmas – including a lot of bloody good meals and some even better random piles of leftovers, which always make me unaccountably… Continue reading

My favourite pea and ham soup

Pea and ham soup is probably my favourite soup in the whole wide world. I am a big soup fan in general, but none can rival pea and ham for its lightness, smoothness… Continue reading

Quick Lamb Kacchi Biryani

 Carnivorous disclaimer: this recipe is definitely not meat free! I’m working on my perfect vegetable biryani recipe right now, but I love this one so much that I wanted to share it now…… Continue reading