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Heaven is a chocolate biscuit

  Just look what was waiting for me when I got home from Jordan: heaven in the shape of a dark chocolate digestive biscuit. The prospect of a long, cold, chocolate digestive-free winter… Continue reading

What happens when you get bored of Turkish food?

Say what you will about Turkish nationalism, Turks have plenty of reasons to be nationalistic about their food. Turkish food is wonderful. Forget greasy döner kebab. Real Turkish food is delicious, healthy and… Continue reading

Expat food lusts

Today was a sad day. The last of the dark chocolate digestives ran out. As much as I love Turkey and its food, the lack of dark chocolate digestive biscuits and other foods… Continue reading

Who’s afraid of the big bad kitchen?

Unfortunately for those of you who come to this blog for the food rather than the feelings, my last post about battling my inner demons in Istanbul was so cathartic – and I… Continue reading

Feeling The Fear in Istanbul

Victory! I have just returned from the market with a clutch of bags containing chicken, honey, aubergines, peppers, onions, ginger, tomatoes, parsley, rocket, cucumbers and bananas. I may be drained and still trembling… Continue reading