Drinking tea in Uskudar, Istanbul

I love food and cooking. That’s basically why I started this blog – to glorify my obsession with food by writing about it. If I’m going to spend so much time thinking about what to eat and reading recipe books, I thought I might as well…

But the real reason I started it is this: I’m on a mission to try and eat better. Over the last few years I’ve become more and more aware of the huge impact of what we eat on the planet. As much as I love meat in all its delicious forms, we can no longer ignore the massive environmental impact of raising livestock (especially cattle) for meat and dairy consumption. Meat and dairy production is responsible for perhaps as much as 25% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Now that we know this, I don’t think we in the rich world can, in good conscience, carry on eating as much meat as we used to.

So I’ve become an aspiring vegetarian. The recipes you’ll find here are mainly (but not only) veggie, and this blog is a way to try to hold myself accountable, to make me stick to my promise to eat less meat and dairy.

My food

The food I love, and which you’ll find here, is pretty eclectic. English born and bred, I’m still not quite sure how I feel about English food. I even struggle to answer the question ‘what is English food?’, as I’ve never felt that fish and chips is quite the right answer. Both my parents are pretty adventurous in the kitchen. I grew up with my dad disdaining ‘boring’ roast dinners and worshipping Nigel Slater (both traits I’ve inherited). At home, we ate a mixture French, Italian and Indian food, with the odd wild card thrown in (my sister and I still shiver over the night we had to eat bobotie).

Since growing up (well, sort of), I’ve discovered culinary crushes of my own. I love the buzz of discovering new places, and for me a key part of that discovery happens through eating. After living in a small town in rural Bangladesh for almost two years, my cooking is hugely influenced by what I learned there, and Bengali food has become one of my ultimate comforts.

Right now, I’m embarking on an adventure to learn more about Turkish food and how to make it. This is because a few years ago, I lost my heart to an amazing man in Istanbul, and since then I lost my stomach as well. Turkey has a wonderfully rich culinary heritage, and I’m only just beginning to explore it. So this blog is also a way to document what will undoubtedly be a path littered with screw-ups, as I try to discover Turkish food.


I’m really writing this blog for me, as a way to document my adventures in food, as much as for anything else. Should it entertain or inform you, I’ll be very happy! I’m always looking for feedback, advice, and ideas for new things to try, so if you’ve got a site of your own, or any thoughts on my blog, it’d be great to connect with you – just write a comment below to say hi.