Monthly Archive: October, 2014

[Review] Banyan in Ortaköy

I am on a quest to discover the great non-Turkish food destinations of Istanbul. This is not a slight against Turkish food, which I do so love. But I am at max capacity.… Continue reading

What happens when you get bored of Turkish food?

Say what you will about Turkish nationalism, Turks have plenty of reasons to be nationalistic about their food. Turkish food is wonderful. Forget greasy döner kebab. Real Turkish food is delicious, healthy and… Continue reading

Roasted red pepper and tomato soup with tortellini

Autumn is upon us. As the mornings grow crisper, and the trees that line Kuzguncuk’s main street become gilded, I’m revelling in the change of seasons. It may still be 20˚C and gloriously… Continue reading

Expat food lusts

Today was a sad day. The last of the dark chocolate digestives ran out. As much as I love Turkey and its food, the lack of dark chocolate digestive biscuits and other foods… Continue reading

Reflections on Kurban Bayram (Eid ul-Adha)

I’ve celebrated Eid ul-Adha (called Kurban Bayram in Turkey – see here if you don’t know what this means) before. I’ve seen the ritual slaughter of animals. I’ve partaken in the fruits of… Continue reading

Well hello there, Autumn. How nice of you to drop by.

After months spent wallowing in my own sweat, constantly uncomfortable and unable to sleep at night, I greeted autumn’s blustery arrival last week with great joy (especially as the moody skies and rain… Continue reading

We got married!

The last of our wedding guests only pushed off a couple of days ago, leaving M and I to finally enjoy newly-married bliss in peace. Cue both of us getting really quite ill.… Continue reading