Wedding cake crazy

Wedding cake


Many moons ago, when our wedding felt like a rosy, far-off event that was perhaps happening to other people, I somehow decided that, rather than buy a wedding cake like a normal person, I’d have a go myself. My logic was fairly sound:

1. Traditional wedding cakes are SO boring: I mean, sure, you can mix it up, and no-one has a pure fruit cake these days. But the format demanded by the wedding cake – a certain number of stackable cakes – limits you to cakes that are pretty dull, in my humble.

2. Cake in Turkey is a bit rubbish: I’m yet to find a cake that I really love in this country. Sure, the Turks do excellent sweets of all kinds, but their cakes and cookies are less expensive.

3. Wedding cakes in Turkey tend to be insane, involving sparklers and cardboard and not much cake (at least from my experience of Turkish weddings…).


But now, five weeks out from The Day Itself, the reality of baking to feed 200 is screaming towards me at 100mph, and I’m just not sure I can do it.

Wedding cake tableWhat I’d planned was heavily influenced by the wedding-insanity-breeding ground that is Pinterest. I wanted to reject the constricting format of the traditional wedding cake, and go for a table of cake. There would be something to suit everyone: chocolate brownies, Dutch apple cake, lemon cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, banana muffins, a fruity Victoria sponge, cranberry and almond cake.

I am confident that I can make all of these things and make them well. I am confident that I can scale up the recipes and work out a sophisticated timetable so that they’re all baked in time. But can I do all of these things while pulling off a wedding at the same time?

Does anyone have any experience of DIY wedding cake baking? Can anyone help me?