Guess who’s back

I know what you’re thinking. She’s been away for 6 months without a peep, and now she wants me to read her really annoying return to blogging post. Pur-lease!

All I can say is, you’re right. Yes. I have been away. I didn’t even post a holding note to explain why. I really have nothing to say in my defence. All I can offer is an explanation. That and an introduction to a new era of blogging on Green and Ginger.

There are two main reasons I’ve been away:

  1. A lot of things have been going on in my life that I couldn’t really justify writing about on a food blog. Things like getting engaged, being banned from entering Turkey for three months, nearly losing my job, my grandma dying, going to work in a war zone, getting two really awesome new jobs and having to choose between them – and that’s just for starters (I’ve started a new blog where I can talk about non-food-related issues, but I’m keeping it anonymous for now).
  1. But the real reason is this: food blogging was starting to get on my nerves. This is dangerously close to condemning the hand that feeds you, but there’ll be no more tiptoeing around. I started this blog because I love good food and because I want to find a way to keep on eating it without crapping all over the planet at the same time (obviously my meaning here is metaphorical – there’s nothing we can do about the literal meaning…). But I think I lost sight of that motivation. In a world where writing about food seems inseparable from caramel-dribbling photos of food, where the emphasis seems to be more on taking shit-hot photos of food that has been “styled” (I think I just vommed a little in my mouth), it’s difficult not to feel like you’ve got to play the game. Sadly for me (and for you, if what you’re after is sexy photos of lentils), I’m not a good photographer. What’s more, I’m too busy eating the product of my labour to worry about styling it.

So a new era is starting, my friends. To help me stay true and keep my blogging mojo, I’ve set myself some rules for this new era:

Rule #1: All food will be photographed as is. That is, as it is in the pan or on the plate. I will not add a scrap of superfluous raffia or a leaf of unnecessary parsley. If it’s not how I eat it, it’s not going on this blog. The upshot of this is: more pictures are going to be more crap than my usual low standard. Sorry.

Rule #2: The random Turkish-Bangladeshi-generic-European chaos of a recipe selection that I’ve been serving up for the last year will continue. I thought about trying to ‘theme’ this blog more, but that just ain’t me. As with rule #1, what I cook is what I’ll write up.

Rule #3: Everything that I post will in some way refer to the principle of (metaphorically) not-crapping-all-over-the-planet. I’ll expand on what this means some more in the coming days, and I’ll explain how my recipes try to do this.

Times are a-changing, people. I hope you enjoy the ride.

(As ever, I’d love your feedback on this blog so say hi!)