Lately in Istanbul: the fish supper that almost was

Men with fishing rods are one of the defining characteristics of Istanbul’s coastlines (and it is mainly men). The Galata Bridge is probably most famous for its popularity with fishermen, but almost any stretch of water seems to be fair game in this city and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve nearly been cracked over the head with a weight.

GalataBridgeFishing_compressedI’ve always been curious about what you can catch from the Bosphorous, the world’s busiest water way, and whether it’s really worth all the hassle. When M and I had a rare day off at the same time on Monday, I decided I wanted to find out. We drove over to his brother’s to borrow a fishing rod, and ended up collecting his brother, sister in law and nephew as well. We drove down to the shoreline, parked the car, checked up on M’s brother’s boat, got the rod set up… I was already plotting the smug post I was going to write about the joys of catching and cooking your own fish.


“Where are all the goddamn fish?”

After an hour, we had a grand total of ZERO fish. Turns out that just wasn’t a good day for fish. So was it worth it? Well, I guess it’s not just the fish that keep all those men out there with their fishing rods every day. We didn’t get a free dinner, but we did get an hour of glorious sunshine, fresh air and fantastic views. I can see why it’s the perfect post-work wind down activity.

Needless to say, you don’t need to worry: I will be going back and you will get to read that smug blog post as soon as I’ve landed my first catch.