Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Lamb stewed with plums

This was the other dish that I cooked as part of my Eastern Mediterranean feast on Saturday. Fruit and meat might seem like a weird combination on the face of it – I… Continue reading

An Eastern Mediterranean feast: three things I’ve always wanted to try

It’s my last weekend in Oxford for a while, so Sophie and I decided to have some friends round for dinner last night. I decided to try out some new recipes I’ve been… Continue reading

Stuffed courgettes in yoghurt

This was the first part of my Eastern Mediterranean feast on Saturday. Inspired by an Ottolenghi recipe my mum saved me from Waitrose magazine, I adapted it to make this vegetarian dish. Rather… Continue reading

Rhubarb and custard pavlova

When I got back from a month in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago, I was craving something typically English to eat. Not a Sunday roast or fish and chips (which, frankly,… Continue reading

Oat, hazelnut and chocolate chip cookies

I’m in Pembrokeshire at the moment on our annual Easter holiday. After a childhood spent on wet campsites around Europe and North America, this is one of my favourite family traditions. Every year,… Continue reading

Filipino food: the fast and not so fast

My first food impressions of the Philippines were not great. On the congested and seemingly interminable journey from the airport to Quezon City (where Oxfam has its offices), you’re assaulted by billboard after… Continue reading