Mangoes, pig’s face and BJs: chowing down on a slice of the Philippines

I meant to write a going away blog before I actually went away, but got struck down with a terrible cold two days before I left, so ‘blogging’ got shunted down the list by ‘blow nose profusely’ and ‘drink lemsip’ and ‘re-watch the first two series of Game of Thrones.’

Anyway, the reason I’ve been so silent on the blogging front for an inexcusable length of time is that I’m currently on a work assignment in the Philippines. I’ve had the occasional pang of blog-induced guilt as I’ve been drifting off at night, but mainly I have been enjoying this beautiful, incredible country and thanking my lucky stars I have such a great job..

Luckily for this blog, the Philippines is a fascinated food-lover’s paradise. I’ve eaten all kinds of wonderful things which I’ll tell you more about later. Fresh ripe mangoes that haven’t been flown half way around the world; deliciously fried pig’s face or sisig (sounds gross but is the opposite); loads and loads of BJs – otherwise known as buko juice (coconut water), picked straight from the tree. Oh I could go endlessly, especially about the joys of halo-halo, a Filipino slushie made with all kinds of crazy fillings, condensed milk and sugar… but I’ll hold myself back until I have time to write a proper blog.