Carb loading

Hot buttered toast(Or why I’ve not been blogging very much lately)

Yesterday morning I ran 13.1 miles backwards and forwards along the Brighton seafront in the glorious February sunshine. I was running the Brighton Half Marathon for Rise, a brilliant Brighton-based domestic abuse charity. It was hideously painful – especially the last 2 miles where my left knee/calf/thigh/hip started to give out – but at the same time, it was also wonderful, in the way that only running can be.

The reason I haven’t written much here lately is that, for the last few days, ALL I’ve eaten is carbohydrates, and, frankly, writing about scotch pancakes, pasta and sauce and peanut butter on toast is BORING. So is eating it, more to the point.

Half marathonWhen I first started running races and discovered the concept of carb loading, I thought I’d struck gold. Free license to eat as much hot buttered toast, pasta and breakfast cereal as you like? Yes PLEASE. But in reality, carb loading rapidly becomes exceptionally dull. I do think it works, but there is a limit to how many starchy carbs you can stuff into your mouth without wanting to cry and/or eat only fruit for a week.

Once my body has recovered from this ordeal a little more, I’ll be back with some better posts, but in the meantime, here’s what I have been up to…