My 2013 Food Resolutions

A Japanese feast at Oxford restaurant Edamame

A Japanese feast at Oxford restaurant Edamame

In 2012 I finally set up this blog and, after many months of prevarication and indecision, sometimes, when I’m feeling especially bold, hesitantly call myself a ‘food blogger’ (as ambivalent as I feel about that term!). There are still loads more things I want to do with it, and I’ve got tons of ideas in the pipeline, but I’m proud to have got this far at least.

But now that 2013 is just hours away, it’s time to set myself some resolutions. I love this time of year – I can’t get enough of goals, and I really don’t see why resolutions should be restricted to the 1st January. But seeing as it’s the 30th December and all, I’m making public my Food Resolutions of 2013.

  1. More veg, less meat.  Eating less meat is something I’ve been trying, but not really succeeding at, for aaaages. I don’t eat lots of meat, but I’m painfully aware that cutting down is one of the aims of my blog, yet the majority of the recipes on here are non-vegetarian. I could make millions of excuses – cooking with meat is easier, you don’t have to be as creative, I’m often cooking for people who are resolutely not vegetarians – but they’d all be rubbish. So in 2013, I’m going to get on and do it. On the flip side of eating less meat,when M was here for Christmas, his relentless need for salad and vegetables at every meal reminded me that although I’ve got a lot better at eating fruit, I still don’t eat enough vegetables, especially when I’m on the go. So I’m going to find myself some more vegetable-heavy recipes for the days when I’m not eating meat, and make sure to work more vegetables into my diet every day.
  2. Budget better. Because I love cooking and eating so much, I regularly eat above my means – i.e. I spend way more on food than is necessary. I’m already really careful not to waste food, but this year I’m also going to make a conscious effort to be more economical when I buy food.
  3. Try one new thing each week. It could be a new vegetable, a new recipe or even a new restaurant, but I’ll keep mixing it up.
  4. Learn to bake bread properly. I’ve flirted with bread making in the past, but I think the time has come to crack the art. Inspired by my friend Lisa, I’m going to learn to bake bread properly, and do it regularly.
  5. Make a family cookbook of the recipes I was raised on. I barely think about these staples (tuna and pasta bake, veggie Bolognese, carbonara, broccoli and lentil casserole) but I love them and I want to make sure I keep them for a rainy day
  6. Expand my repertoire of Turkish cooking. I’ve mastered a few dead simple dishes so far (like şakşuka and Turkish salad), but I’ve got to break out of the aubergine, tomatoes and meat cycle!
My first abortive attempt at milk bread

My first abortive attempt at milk bread

Do you have any food resolutions for 2013? What would they be? Here are a few more to inspire you: