Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Why I started this blog

A couple of you have asked what led me to start this blog, so I thought I’d try to explain. The tipping point came last week, when I went to London to see… Continue reading

Kale, mushroom and pork stir fry

When I opened the veg box this week to find a big bag of dark green kale staring me in the face, I knew autumn had arrived. And I was stumped. As the… Continue reading

Blackberry and raspberry lattice pie

UPDATE: While I work on perfecting my recipe for cherry clafoutis, I thought I’d share this classic berry pie recipe with you. Blackberries and their kin are starting to show up in markets… Continue reading

Vietnamese iced milk coffee

I love Sundays. Specifically, I love Sundays where I don’t have anything to do, and I can spend the entire day alternately loitering and lounging in the garden with a newspaper (admittedly, I’m… Continue reading

Easy lemon cheesecake

So this is not exactly a low-dairy option (it’s obviously the total opposite) but my mum used to make this when we were kids so I’ve got a very emotional attachment to it.… Continue reading

Oatbran banana raisin muffins

My love of muffins comes from the fact that they’re easy to make, and you can pretty much chuck in whatever fruit or flavourings you like. Because this recipe is really straightforward and,… Continue reading